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Writing a children’s story? With a catchy meter?

Or maybe you’re a teacher? Want to make poetry simple and fun?

Or maybe you’re a poet? But wait…Hold on!

• Confused by Stressed and Unstressed syllables?
• Need to brush up on a few poetic terms?
• Iambs and Anapests giving you a headache?
• Hate to learn or teach with all that heavy, boring text?
• Need help finding a publisher for your children’s story?
• Not entirely sure what Meter IS?


This site has everything you need to know.

If you want to write a great children’s story or poem, there are things you should know…
• About the publishing industry
• About rhyme and meter
• About plots and themes
If you’re a teacher, you know that people learn best with images and examples.
This site is broken down into low-text, image based tutorials that make rhyme and
meter easy to grasp in a short period of time. Rhyme and meter aren’t that complicated.
They just need to be presented in a way that lets you see how they’re put together.

Our Vision

Why this site was created.

About Lane

Some background info about this sites creator.

Writing a children’s story?

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