Meter is the arrangement of words, syllables, or sounds into a regular, recurring pattern. In poetry, it is the rhythmic pattern of STRESSED and UNstressed syllables that makes up verse.

There are three components that make up Meter:
1. Syllables      2. Metrical Feet     3. Metrical Lines

But these three components are not like the ingredients in a recipe; you can’t just mix them together and get a bundt cake.  Creating Meter is more like building a pyramid: first, you need the foundation, which must be strategically placed;  then you need some layers, which must also be strategically placed, etc. In Meter, each of the constituent component builds on the one before.  To fully understand Meter, you must understand each component in order and how it works in the whole concept.


Anyone can write lousy meter; I do it all the time. In order to write really good meter, you have to work at it.  The pages in this section explain all the terms listed above and how they function to create Meter.   Click to view Stressed and Unstressed syllables